• Foxes Ultimate 7 Day Safari in Southern Tanzania

About Us

The success of our camps ultimately comes down to our extensive and hands-on experience in managing safaris. From the beginning, the company has grown from the interests and talents of the family. Above all, each and every one of us just loves to be on safari and are passionate about protecting these wildernesses that we love so much.


Ruaha River Lodge was the first camp to be built in the Ruaha National Park a rarely visited unheard of Park in the middle of Tanzania; it was also the first of the Foxes Safari Camps and for many years remained the only one.  Tourism in Tanzania only began to develop in the 1990’s and the interest in the Southern parks developed at a much slower rate than the famous northern circuit.  The company expanded into Katavi and Mikumi during the 90’s and finally added Selous to create an safari circuit covering Southern and Western Tanzania.

The Fox family have lived in Tanzania for over 40 years and now have 3 generations working for the company.  Home, is Mufindi in the Southern Tanzania hence the specialising in the Southern area for their tourism developments and the inclusion of the Highlands Lodge. 
Nearly all of the Camps and Lodges have been designed and  built by Foxes Safari Camps with the exception of Vuma Hills.  Building in these remote and unserviced areas is a challenge in itself, but the results speak for themselves.


With the development of a portfolio of camps came the need to add a full operations office able to meet guests at the airport, arrange hotel accommodation in Dar es Salaam, transfers between Camps by road and air.

Safari Air Link

With huge distances to cover the only logical method of transport is to fly – hence the birth of Safari Air Link, a sister company offering daily scheduled flights between all destinations in southern and western Tanzania as well as private charters and medevacuation. The close operational tie of these 2 companies allows for seamless transfers for our guests.

Responsible Tourism

Foxes Safari Camps made a point of supporting villages close to the areas they work in, but in 2005 they realised their ambition to harness the good will of their many guests and created a NGO – Foxes Community and Wildlife Trust. The charity has become very successful in community projects primarily in the Mufindi area, but with the blueprints to effective projects in place will be able to replicate this success in other areas of Tanzania.