• Proudly Carbon Negative
    Proudly Carbon Negative

Sustainability Collection

Environmental and Social Sustainability - established with love, long before it was the fashion

We, the Fox Family, have always held the surrounding wilderness and community at the centre of all our actions.
Our decision to enter tourism 40 years ago was driven by strong conservation goals, recognising how the industry was a key method of ensuring areas remain protected and communities employed.

Tourism as a tool for sustainability, not sustainability as a tool for tourism.

Carbon Sequestration

9,000 acres ~ forestry created
3,678,000 trees ~ planted to date


Keeping it Local

We love where we live.

Foxes Safari Camps does its best to keep to its routes, maintaining strong connections to The Southern Highlands in three main ways:


Foxes Community and Wildlife Conservation Trust

Mission Statement

“To provide shelter, sustenance, education and medical care for vulnerable children and families in the Mufindi District of Tanzania; to curtail the spread of HIV/AIDS, to teach life skills (language, fiscal, vocational and self-sufficiency) and to create supportive networks and opportunities for future generations.”


Friends of Ruaha Society

The Friends of Ruaha Society, founded by Geoff Fox, with major contributions by Peter and Bruce Fox, was set up in 1984 with the aim of conserving Ruaha National Park and its surrounding game reserves. Key methods used to achieve the aim include education, and ensuring the local people understand the balance between themselves, wildlife, and the environment.