Discover Tanzania with our collection of Camps and Lodges

Our Camps are spread out from the far West right to the Eastern Coast, allowing guests to experience a diversity in landscape, flora and fauna across the vast and wonderful Tanzania. Unlike many Tanzanian safaris, our lodges are in the much less frequented Southern half of the country, where you are more likely to see huge herds of animals than huge hoards of game vehicles.

Suggested Trips and Experiences

The success of our camps ultimately comes down to our extensive and hands-on experience in managing safaris. From the beginning, the company has grown from the interests and talents of the family.

Community and Conservation

Foxes Safari Camps made a point of supporting villages close to the areas they work in, but in 2005 they realised their ambition to harness the good will of their many guests and created a NGO – Foxes Community and Wildlife Trust.